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First Spanish Food Marketplace
This B2B tool offers all of your goods at a fraction of the price. You buy directly from the producer and we organise the rest to deliver to your door from half a pallet onwards...
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Buying directly from the producer without distributors ensures confidence and quality of the product.

Satisfaying both ends, and fullfilling your espectations 100%


Buying directly from the producer, without distributors and wholesalers, you will save the associated cost.

The same product and the same quality at unbeatable price



Direct logistics from the producer to the customer

Absolute confidence in from point 2 point. Fast and safe, knowing at all times the traceability of your order.

Please see this guidelines to make a purchase with gourmandd.

This is a European B2B marketplace only, if you are interesting and are out of the EU, please contact us here

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