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Who/How to buy...

Please read this before making any purchase, click on each title and it will be displayed to offer you the necessary information

This is a B2B portal only, so buyers who does not have the VAT code, will not be able to buy, in case you make a purchase with out being a business a 2% charge will be applied on your refund

Along the top of the website, you will see a different tabs, please click the ones you are interested on. Also you have a live chat, where will be guiding you through out the whole process if you need, also please you can send us an email to 

On the left you have a list of categories, please click the ones you are interesting on

Once you are interested in a particular product, you have to see the product specifications, it is organized in the description, nutritional information and ingredients in the right site along with the price.
Below in the additional information part, you have to see details of the box and the most important, the minimum order of the supplier among several boxes!


Each supplier has a minimum order among several references. If you make a purchase and you do not fulfil the minimum order, this one will be placed on hold until you decide what to do. Remember then, this process will lead you to delay the order


A minimum charge for delivery from our depo in Spain will be one pallet, independently of buying 10 boxes of 50

European Pallet dimensions: 80 cm x 100 cm x 180 cm height. Maximum of 700 kg per pallet

Every order will be checked by our team, ordering the boxes on the pallet to avoid breakages. If when we process the check we identify too many boxes we will contact you, either to put a second pallet or cancel some of the goods.
To give you an idea:
Pallet of olives:  5 lines of 11 boxes a line
A good estimation is 50 boxes per pallet, but if you have any doubt please contact us will you are placing the order and we will guide you

When you finish buying all the product of your order, please click check out.

Fill all required details, particularly your postcode on the delivery address; an updated price to your location will be at your bottom of your order.

Make sure you add any additional details like difficulty of a truck entering on your street. Some additional cost could be applied if you do not point this information, as the smaller van will need to be contracted to access to your delivery point

We use all secure payment processing system (stripe)

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